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World's Best Dog Names

Care enough to give the best Dog name you can! Choose the name with your heart and your head, your puppy is worth it. For me, distinctiveness is the most important item. A clear name that is unique, yet can be heard well at a distance. Also a personal Dog name that best describes your Dog's character as well as your own. Give yourself the time to choose the name well. Extensive effort went into bringing you the most complete list of Dog names you can choose from.


Where did we get all the Dog names?


We have pulled name lists from all over the world. So far there are 15,000 and counting. We are not even finished yet. I expect when we are finished there will be well over 25,000 or more Dog names! Why did we create the largest (we think) Dog name list on earth? I have noticed other Dog name lists on the internet, but, I wanted ALL the Dog names that could be had when naming my puppy. Jumping from name list to name list, trying to find missing names was time consuming and frustrating. In fact, I wanted a Dog name list that could be downloaded and printed so I could sit with friends while having coffee and discuss possible choices. Short Dog names are in! And always have been. Short, simple names are easily pronounced, easily heard and ultimately work the best.

Popular or unique names?

Both choices have merritt. Ultimately it is up to you and your puppy. All puppies are cute, but, you have to think one year down the road when they are full grown. I always liked short simple names; people names like "Max" or "Sam". These are good examples of popular Dog names. Unique has the advantage of being distinctive and special. A rare Dog name as it were.

"Say the Name Out Loud"

Does it sound right? Does the dog name match your Dog? Does the name sound silly? Ask your friends opinion of your name or your short list of dog names.

Name Teaching Trick.

Say his or her name and reward your puppy at the same time. Small treats work well with this approach. They know when they respond to that word or name they get a treat. Always use your Dog's name in a positive manner. This is critical. A happy tone from you to your Dog makes a big difference on how s/he responds to you and his/her name.

Humor Corner

World's Best Dog Names Cartoon